It's cutting them loose and having the pack run the rabbit until it gives up and goes in a hole or gets caught. And although the dogs usually don't catch it, they run like they want to. Just me and my pack of hounds, in any condition, on any day, in the roughest places I can find . . .

Pictures From Here and There

The Old Man Waiting to See a Crossing

The One-Armed Old Man

Is He Ready to Run?

More Hogs Caught
The Old Man Ready in the U.P. in the 90's
Gregg with Dip, Belle and Lilly
The Old Man and I Leaning on the Condo in the U.P.

The Tennessee Trip Cowboys,
Sam Underhill, Phil Griffey, and the Old Man

Jeff Allen with Meg and Tink and a Rabbit's Foot

The Old Barn at Farmers
Mr. Cottontail

Caught Down at the Lease

Hot Head Leads the Pack
Across the Road

A Snow Winter Night 2014

A Moonlit Night

Jed Fights Through the Clearcut

Gregg Waiting on the Rabbit to Circle
Don Bronchik's Blaze, a Female Out of Gypsy

Green Briers,
A Rabbit's Best Friend

Chip Leading the Pack

Jed Makes the Turn
A Must For Running on Winter Nights
Ray Smalley in Action

Hot Head Comes Out with the Rabbit

Logan Elm Black Butcher

Logan Elm Gypsy Fights Through the Snow

Running a Big Pack

A Clearcut That Became a Favorite in the Summer of 2013

The Old Man Running Hare in Michigan

Jeff Kerns and Josh Elkers

Logan Elm Butcher With Part of the Catch

A Movie Star Looking Dog Runner

Larry Harrison

Ready to Head North

Zoom (aka Carter) Holding a Pup

Jeff Allen with Wes, Lulu
and a hare killed in Michigan's UP.

Larry Harrison with Odell's Blue Rockin Jake, Old Jim McGuire with Logan Elm Red Rambler, and Dennis Kennedy with Big Meadows Eagle.
These are the third -  first place open dogs at the 2013 ARHA World Hunt

The Old Man or as Blair Would Say, The Brains of the Operation

Ray Smalley with Fd. Ch. Rockstar Ricky

Chip Finding the Check

Jeff Allen's Fangs
Fighting Through the Wisconsin Snow at
Hunted Hare 2013

A Little Wisconsin Snow

The 2013 Hunted Hare Group

Heading Down the Road to the 2013 Hunted Hare

A Picture from River Bottom Beagles

Ready to Run

Trucks lined up at 2013 Hunted Hare

Waiting to be Chased, a Wisconsin Hare

Gregg's Dog Running in the Snow

On the Bank of Ceaser's Creek

A great day of running large pack style from left to right, Mike Hite, Jeff Allen, Chris Hopkins, Matt McGuire, Old Jim McGuire, Ray Smalley, and Gregg McGuire.

Logan Elm Gypsy fights through the snow

Brandon Meyer aka BMan, the Hunted Hare Host

Jeff Kerns and Reba

Big Earl Meade with Meade's Scooby Doo
The Adam Yoder Family 2012

Mike Vigar and Jeff Kerns working hard
running dogs in the UP at the Jack Pines.

 This running dogs is hard work.  
The old man had to take a break.

Jeff Allen and Lucas Yoder with 
Allen's Luminous Sky.

Matt McGuire with a Pup

Jeff Kerns and Sam

Jason Blevins and Mic

Tony Upton and Grizz
Back in the Day

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