It's cutting them loose and having the pack run the rabbit until it gives up and goes in a hole or gets caught. And although the dogs usually don't catch it, they run like they want to. Just me and my pack of hounds, in any condition, on any day, in the roughest places I can find . . .

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Different Kind of Jump Dog

There are a lot of beagles that people call jump dogs. They hunt pretty hard, hit the cover, and come up with more than their share of rabbits. I've been lucky to have more than my share. Dogs like Neal, Boadie, Nada, Hobo, and Gypsy come to mind. But what I am talking about is different than this. I've never owned a dog that can jump rabbits like Logan Elm DK.

I'm talking about the kind of jump dog that finds joy in the jump. One that actually looks for rabbits. Most beagles look for scent. They want to run a track. That is what they are bred to do. A true jump dog though isn't like that. He hits the brush, living to invade a rabbit's home in the briars and chase him out. He doesn't bark before the jump. His bark is the joyful sound he makes when he flushes the rabbit from his "safe" place.

This kind of jump dog is seldom seen. The dogs I have seen like this make forever impression. Jim and Cody Hughes had a yellow dog named Bernard and he was this kind of dog. Bernard's son, a dog named Duke that the Old Man got from the Hughes was like that. Tony Upton's Grizz had jumps in every cast he was in. My brother Gregg's Bailey can jump a rabbit in any woods. John Queen got at least one jump in very cast when he ran his old Turbo dog. But this kind of beagle just isn't often found.

In a lifetime of beagling I have only seen a few dogs like this. They are wired different. Some people call them meat dogs or say they hunt like a cur or feist. When you have one though, every time you run it's a celebration. As soon as you hear him bark, you know without a doubt the race is on. No tracking it up. No striking a track. We are talking about jumping a rabbit out of his bed. Sight chase and getting with it. I'm talking about a different kind of dog and man is it fun. 

DK makes running so easy. A chase ends and the dogs come in from the hole. I think, well now we have to jump another rabbit. But before I can even start to get the ugly face, usually within a few minutes, another jump and away we go. I feel fortunate to have a dog that makes running so easy and enjoyable. Want to guess what I am breeding to?

Saturday, January 14, 2017

You Gotta Love the Weatherman

Ok, so the forecast for this morning scared me from even thinking about running dogs. There was so much freezing rain on its way that I wouldn't even think about getting out and driving. I was even afraid to walk out in front of the house because it was going to be so treacherous. Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning.  I looked out and saw a bit of rain, but nothing at all that seemed the least bit scary.

So, I loaded the dogs and headed out to run. Even as I headed down the road to run, I was still a little worried about the day. I had been hearing about ice for the last couple of days and feared getting caught or sliding off the road. Boy was I surprised.
You know those perfect conditions? Temperature about 37° with a light rain, moisture hanging in the air, and no wind? That was today. It was as perfect as a day for running beagles can possibly be. The scent was hanging in the air and the dogs were jumping at the chance to run.

For the last three days, the forecast had me upset and disappointed thinking about today. What a great gift to get the chance to run on a day when the weather was PERFECT! And the dogs made the most of it. They hunted hard, jumped rabbits, and sounded great. Thank goodness the weatherman was wrong and thank goodness for a great day.

I ran DK (5 jumps), Fender (2 jumps), Dancer, Digger, and Dailey,

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Talk with DK

Me:  Welcome to the big leagues.

DK:  What?

Me:  You are Dennis's replacement.

DK:  Seriously?

Me:  Yep. Dennis is in Kentucky with a guy named Ryan.

DK:  So?

Me:  So all the pressure is on you.

DK:  I'm prettier. I'm louder. I'm faster. I jump more rabbits. And you know you like me better.

Me:  You know I really liked Dennis.

DK:  My litter is the best ever. There's Shine and Birdie and that UKC champion and Steve Ety's buddy has a great jump dog and that guy from Alabama or somewhere down south called you. That's why you let me have pups with Martha.

Me:  Yeah yeah.  Well, you have a lot to live up to.

DK:  Seriously? Just shut up and give me a couple of scoops of dog food. We got this.

Me:  You aren't worried about Dennis being gone?

DK:  The door is open. I'm busting through. Step back and enjoy the ride. I heard you tell the Old Man I was the best young jump dog you've ever owned.

Me:  You still have a lot to prove.

DK:  Shut up already. We've got this. You would never have sold Dennis if you were worried. I know you. You have a plan.

Me:  Why is it that every time I talk to a dog it makes me crazy?  Here, have some Pride and don't let this go to your head.

DK:  Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Mike Made my Day

I saw one of my favorite beaglers Saturday and he made my day. I was at Chillicothe's ARHA Little Pack hunt and saw Mike Myers. He and his son, Daron have a female out of Logan Elm Neal. They raised a litter of pups out of her last summer.  

It sounds like the pups have crazy hunt. Mike told stories about the pup just taking off totally on their own. One time the pups got out of their pen and headed across the field and down the road. A neighbor called and they got them back. Rather than hang around the yard, every pup just had mad hunt and went looking for something. Whenever the pups are loose, they hit the weeds and don't look back.

Logan Elm Neal is one of my all time favorite dogs. The thing I loved the most out of him was his crazy desire and endless hunt. When I heard these stories about his grandsons and granddaughters and they have this inner desire to search for game, it makes me smile. 

I don't know how Mike's pups will turn out, but they have the most important trait. With this inner desire to go hunt, all things are possible. Mike made my day today telling me that my all time favorite dog passed on the trait that made him my best dog ever.

Will He Reproduce?

I get asked a lot, will he be a reproducer? Do you have any pups? How do his pups look? This weekend that question was answered.

I took two of Logan Elm Dennis's pups to their first hunts at Chillicothe. On Saturday, Logan Elm Defender placed 4th. On Sunday Logan Elm Dancer placed 2nd. These pups are 17 months old at their first hunt, running in the snow with single digit temperatures.

On top of that, Dennis won the champion class Saturday and Logan Elm DK won on Sunday. I think it's safe to say that Dennis is going to be like his parents, Reproducer HOF GR R CH Logan Elm Neal and HOF GR R CH Big Meadows Breezy.

Thanks to Dennis Kennedy for making the cross that produced Dennis and helped continue the tradition of reproducing rabbit hounds at Logan Elm Beagles.