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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Next Generation Excitement

Logan Elm Dancer
Of all things that make running beagles exciting, it seems like nothing compares with bringing on the next generation. There are so many hopes and dreams and the thrills are the best and the disappointments are heart breaking. Anyone that has ever raised pups has fought through the highs and lows that come with taking young dogs to the field.

Last summer we raised a couple of litters of pups. Months later, it is all starting to pay off. This winter, the Old Man and I have been spending a lot of time working with the next generation at Logan Elm Beagles. Each time in the field, the pups are beginning to show their worth and earn their way to a spot on the A team.

Most of the pups we are working with were sired by Logan Elm Dennis. This is his first crop of pups, so there is a lot of anxiety. For months I have been wondering if he can continue in the tradition laid down by his sire, Logan Elm Neal, and grandsire, Hobo. Considering that Hobo is in the ARHA Reproducer Hall of Fame and Neal produced a World Hunt winner and a lot of fine rabbit hounds, it is a lot to expect.

I have spent a lot of time running Logan Elm Dancer (Dennis X Diamond) and Logan Elm Ding (Dennis X Dilly). At this point both look like they are going to be a main part of my pack. In fact, for the last month, even though they are still young, they are proving their value.

The Old Man has been running Digger, Defender, and Daily. These are littermates to Dancer out of Dennis and Diamond. Although he has kept them mostly hidden, he continues to talk about how all three are fairly even in ability with a lot of hunt and the ability to run a lot of rabbit for their age. He is also running Logan Elm Suzie who is out of a littermate sister of Dennis. She came from Jeff Kerns' Flattop Kennel and shows a lot of promise, especially as a jump dog.

At this point it's hard to say which of these pups will withstand the pressure of becoming the future of the kennel. Each time I run I watch closely looking at the good and bad. Each is continually evaluated watching for strengths and weaknesses. It's an exciting time a Logan Elm Beagles. The next generation is coming on and giving hope for great running down the road.

Logan Elm Ding


  1. Young dogs are always the ones that keep us going, especially when they are doing so well. Hope to be running against you soon again one day.


  2. It's good to hear from you Chad. Surely we will meet up again one day. Thanks for commenting and keep them running!