It's cutting them loose and having the pack run the rabbit until it gives up and goes in a hole or gets caught. And although the dogs usually don't catch it, they run like they want to. Just me and my pack of hounds, in any condition, on any day, in the roughest places I can find . . .

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Sick World Hunt

It started with a sneeze as we pulled out. Little did I know how sick would come to describe this year's World Hunt. In twenty years of competing at the World, I have never seen anything like this one. 

At this year's World Hunt:

1.  I spent at least four hours a day sleeping in the truck.
2.  ARHA only ran two rounds on Thursday because of thunderstorms.
3.  I was too sick (flu) to run most of my dogs and can hardly remember running the ones that I did.
4.  I spent about 12 hours a day in bed at the motel.
5.  We ran 12 dogs that never won a cast (last year we had 9 dogs that won their first round).
6.  Evansville, IN set the record for rain in a 24 hour period while we were there.
7.  There was a tornado siren 40 yards from our motel window that went off at least 6 times Thursday night.
8.  The back of my head is still sore from it laying on the head rest in the truck.
9.  I got a lot of weird looks from people who went away thinking I was as rude as ever because my brain was working about like going 10 mph on a super speedway.
10. I infected more people than Magic Johnson but at least it was with the flu and not AIDS.
11. Gypsy ran so bad she got an immediate pass to retirement.
12. Got to meet Zach Moore and Aaron White from Kansas, show them how horrible a couple of my dogs could run, and felt too bad to even think up some kind of excuse.
13. Went to the Log Cabin, one of best restaurants in the world twice but was too sick to eat and couldn't taste what I did eat.
14. Saw a lot of people I had been waiting a year to see and then couldn't think enough to carry on a conversation.
15. I sneezed enough to fill a five gallon bucket and spread millions of flu germs throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.
16. Gregg ran Jake and got scratched because he couldn't catch him (even with 7 people helping). I caught him when he ran down the road and sat down at the back of the truck.
17. Jeff and I found out that some people would do anything to win including ruin any chance of a friendship but the guy still got last in the cast. :)
18. When a judge says, "I missed that one check" it's not a good thing.
19. We ran 12 dogs that never won a cast (for all kinds of reasons which I am still trying to figure out).
20. Oh, by the way, did I say I had the flu?
21. We had one dog that won a cast and he just kept winning until he was a World Champion and really that's all that matters.

To anyone that tried to talk to me at the World, if I seemed off my rocker, I was and I am sorry. To anyone I might have infected, I am truly sorry (don't worry you will be up to 50% in a week). All I can say is this was one sick World Hunt.  Congrats to those that placed. 

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  1. Wow Jim, that's a shame a person looks forward to a event all year and something like this happens. Get well soon my friend.