It's cutting them loose and having the pack run the rabbit until it gives up and goes in a hole or gets caught. And although the dogs usually don't catch it, they run like they want to. Just me and my pack of hounds, in any condition, on any day, in the roughest places I can find . . .

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Why Can't I Ever Video When It's Good?

Hack around and hack around and don't want to fight through the green briers too bad and it's so easy to get some video. The dogs are in sight a lot and getting their picture is easy. The cover is so thick and the conditions are tough enough that filming is a piece of cake. 

Then, the dogs get over the hill in the clearcut and they screamed. They set the woods on fire and it was only 19° with a cold north wind. They ran for an hour and a half with hardly a check. We were standing on the hill listening and it sounded great.

That was yesterday. Today I tried to video for an hour. I never did get a decent shot. Trees were in the way. Thick cover interfered. Then the dogs went to the pines and scorched over the hill and back, and then made another circle. It got up to 38° and they were eating it up. Conditions were great as the snow melted.

Unfortunately, there was no evidence. The batteries were charged on the video camera but I never recorded anything. I guess I could have went out and ran around like crazy and got a little film. It sure was great the last two days though, just listening to some good chases. There's no video though so you will just have to take my word on it.  :)

I ran Chip, Gypsy, Butcher, Jed, and Ob. The Old Man ran Lim, Kurly, Tony, and Village Girl. I am pretty sure six of the dogs had a jump today.

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