It's cutting them loose and having the pack run the rabbit until it gives up and goes in a hole or gets caught. And although the dogs usually don't catch it, they run like they want to. Just me and my pack of hounds, in any condition, on any day, in the roughest places I can find . . .

Monday, November 11, 2013

Crazy Fools

It's dark out, 40 degrees, raining like crazy, with the wind blowing and Jeff Allen and I are out running dogs. Even worse than that, we were enjoying it. What in the heck is wrong with beaglers? 

At home there is a nice warm house with a lazy boy and new batteries in the remote just waiting. The latest Duck Dynasty has been recorded ready to be watched. Three minutes in the microwave and a bowl of popcorn would be all set. But here we are out running dogs.

There was a front moving in tonight and the weather was miserable. It's funny how those are always the best nights to run. The rabbits were out and the runs were fast and furious. Rabbits stayed up and ran and ran. Scenting conditions were good and chases lasted a while, went deep and back, and didn't take long to do it.

I know all beaglers have been there. You are running and the whole time you are thinking, "I am totally, friggin crazy." But you love it. The running is good, the dogs are pounding, and the weather just doesn't matter. 

Crazy? FOR SURE! But none of us would give it up for anything. It's nights like this that confirm what we already know. We are crazy about running dogs. We are crazy to be out in this weather. But just let me hear one more chase.  :)

I ran Chip, Gypsy, Jed, Ob, and Cole. Jeff ran Wes, Fangs, Dee, and Flame.

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