It's cutting them loose and having the pack run the rabbit until it gives up and goes in a hole or gets caught. And although the dogs usually don't catch it, they run like they want to. Just me and my pack of hounds, in any condition, on any day, in the roughest places I can find . . .

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Amazing, Just Simply Amazing

Notice the picture--oh, no picture of a check area today.  Why?  The dogs hammered with hardly any checks.  Similar running grounds and similar weather conditions, but smoking running.  Today was some of the best running I have had all spring.

I am sure it had to help that the dogs had the edge knocked off yesterday.  Today, right from the first jump they burned it up.  They jumped a rabbit right out of the truck before I had all of the dogs collared up, and they ran for 15 minutes without pause.  When they shut up, the dogs all came out together, leaving no doubt the rabbit couldn't take the heat and holed.

I took Logan Elm Kurly for his first time.  He had been running in the pen for the last couple of months and was ready to join the big dogs.  He is a pup out of Neal and Kelsey.  He packed up right from the start.  On the first check, he split off and circled a rabbit on his own.  He stayed out and hunted for the whole time.  He could have packed better, but I was pleased with his actions for the first time out.

Yesterday I hated all my dogs.  Today, they were great.  There is nothing like running beagles.  It's hard to explain such a difference.  I can tell you for sure though, it was amazingly better today.

I ran Rambler, Gypsy, Chip, Jed, Rep, and Kurly.  It started out at 34 degrees and was 42 when I quit.

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