It's cutting them loose and having the pack run the rabbit until it gives up and goes in a hole or gets caught. And although the dogs usually don't catch it, they run like they want to. Just me and my pack of hounds, in any condition, on any day, in the roughest places I can find . . .

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

So Long Neal

So long Neal. You had a great life, but time and miles caught up with you.  A vet couldn't fix what me and 9 years did to you.  

After all, 

How many dogs have ever run 56 out of 63 days in the summer?  
How many dogs for 8 years have spent a month's worth of days a year in a dog trailer on hunting trips?  
How many dogs produced so many dogs with such great hunt?
How many dogs have made 30 trips from central Ohio to the UP?  
How many dogs have been to the ARHA World Hunt 6 times?
How many dogs have produced a World Hunt winner and runner up?
How many dogs have run as much as you in the clearcuts of southeastern Ohio?
How many dogs spent 4 years training every kind of dog that their owner brought in to train?
How many dogs have pups from 6 years to 2 litters on the way?
How many dogs got turned lose first every trip to the UP because they would jump a hare in minutes?
How many dogs jumped the most rabbits hunt after hunt after hunt?
How many dogs had a huge bark that was never covered up in any pack?
How many dogs won a hunt when the high for the day was 5 degrees?
How many dogs won a hunt when the high for the day was 93 degrees?
How many dogs had to carry an ego like mine, day after day after day?
How many dogs won a big pack trial with 55 dogs?
How many dogs crippled a dog in the UP when the owner tried to prove she could run with him?
How many dogs came to the kennel door every time for 9 years, ready to go hunt?
How many dogs made their owner's friend believe and say so like with Jeff Allen?
How many dogs constantly got compared to his sire, an ARHA Hall of Fame Reproducer?
How many dogs went from champion to grand champion in 7 hunts with 5 wins?
How many dogs threw a jump dog like Logan Elm Hot Head?
How many dogs won a PKC state hunt at 8 years old?
How many dogs got a special tie out, just because?
How many dogs could carry on the tradition of dogs like Boadie, Rocky, Hobo, and Willie?
How many dogs made me walk out into the hell hole in the UP just to listen to them dominate?
How many dogs could win even under judges that didn't like his owner?
How many dogs never took a sick day off in their whole life?
How many dogs got to eat Taste of the Wild, just because he liked it?
How many dogs ran for sixth months blind in one eye?
How many dogs have ever thrown such an awful rainbow of pups?
How many dogs placed NBQ at an AKC licensed trial when everyone knew he was the best dog?
How many dogs made me go back on my promise (three times) to never keep another red dog?
How many dogs produced a dog as ugly as Rambler and made their owner like it?
How many dogs helped their owner build a friendship with someone as great as Lewis Smith in NC?
How many dogs ever produced a dog as good as Gypsy?
How many dogs got scratched on fox at a hunt the one time when he didn't run one?
How many dogs jumped a rabbit 250 yards up in the clearcut on their last trip to Tar Hollow?
How many dogs have produced the dogs to make the future for Logan Elm Beagles even brighter?
How many dogs ever kept me from sleeping, knowing it was their last?

How many dogs?  Just you Neal.


  1. RIP Neil JCM,sorry for your loss.rnb

  2. Nice post. Greg Jacobs

  3. Sorry to hear that Jim,he was a nice dog for sure,I have a 15 month old male out of him who is turning out pretty nice,extreme hunt! Chris Jenkins

  4. he was on of the best

  5. This is Paul BUNYON or UN .Good dogs good people.

  6. Thanks to all for the kind words. I ran a clearcut tonight that the last time I ran, Neal jumped the first rabbit. It gave me something to think about as they ran.

  7. Ihave Chips Sister doing real good lots of sense and heart .Paul B.

  8. It sounds like he was an amazing hound. it also sounds like he produced amazing hounds. sorry for your loss. im glad to hear a hound like this was a staple in someones's kennel and not a hound on a dog jokies tie out. we need more houndsmen like you. and hopefully more hounds like neal. J.b. michigan

  9. Thanks J.B. Neal sure made beagling fun. He was good enough that some of the time he even made it look like I knew what I was doing. :)